how can you be involved?

Come out and explore the Trinity River and observe the birds in their natural habitat.

Lead or Join a Team

If you're a birder, we invite you to lead or join one of the teams that will be counting birds in particular parts of the Corridor. Your observations and information you collect will be included in a regional report and a larger national database. You will be contributing to a better understanding of our river and its ecology, and your results will be shared with other scientific research projects in Texas and nationwide.

Serve on Our Advisory Committee
We invite experienced birders to become leaders of the bird count teams. You will work with your team to count birds in one subarea of the Corridor, once a season during the four seasons of the year. Team leaders will also serve on the project's Advisory Committee and provide overall advice and direction.

Learn About Birds in North Texas
If you'd just like to find out more about the birds of our area, you can take part in activities that will introduce you to them. These are great family-friendly experiences that are educational and fun too! You do not need prior bird counting experience and all ages are welcome for these events. We hope they will inspire you to learn more about our area's natural treasures.

Record the Experience with Photos, Video, and Sound
Since we want to share our Trinity bird explorations, there are special opportunities available for people who enjoy taking photos, shooting video or recording bird sounds. We invite you to accompany our count teams and record what they discover.